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Pen ([personal profile] militarypenguin) wrote2016-07-12 06:16 pm
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I’m so bummed I was late to the X-Men: Apocalypse train. It has been over a decade since I saw a movie in theaters that I completely fell in love with and wanted to see again and again. Had I seen it sooner, I probably would have at my local theater. I liked the previous X-Men movies (First Class, Days of Future Past) a lot, but this one really sealed me as a fan and completely renewed my interest in them. It hasn’t gotten great press, but I’m mostly (mostly) past the point of caring that my opinion is in the minority.

I don’t think I can manage a proper review that wouldn’t just be an endless stream of “I loved this! And this! Why? Because! It’s so good! The whole cast! Amazing!” gushing, but I’m highly tempted to write an essay on Charles’s development throughout the films. It is such a richly compelling and satisfying character arc that I haven’t been able to stop thinking about for weeks, it’s ridiculous.

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