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I've browsed through my Ace Attorney tag on LJ and, according to one of the entries, I finished the first game on June 17th, 2007, making today its tenth anniversary. I'm not sure what day was the day I "officially" joined the fandom, or what even qualifies as "joining" a fandom (is it expressing interest in the product? is it making fan material for it? It's still a mystery to me), but I think it's fair to mark today as the day that I've been in it for a decade.

There's been a number of fandoms I've joined over a decade ago, many of which are still important to me today, but I have to make a special mention for Ace Attorney. Not only is it the fandom I've been the most persistently involved in, but, well, it's probably the one that's changed my life the most. There's been many, many life-changing works I've encountered and will continue to encounter, but this is the one that helped me to clarify a lot about myself and shape the person I aspired to be. Through playing the games, through writing fanfiction, I learned so much about myself, and I think I learned a great deal about others as well. And it's given me so, so many good memories, I've no idea where to begin.

I suppose it's odd, because it isn't as though Ace Attorney is a deeply psychological work or character study (this is the franchise where you interrogate a parrot), though it certainly dabbles in those topics. Yet, I've seen others who've been similarly affected by it as I have. As corny as it may sound, maybe the franchise revealed a few Psyche-Locks within our own hearts in need of breaking that we didn't know we had.

Thank you for the memories, Ace Attorney. Here's looking to ten more years of it.

(It still feels weird to call it “Ace Attorney” and not “Phoenix Wright.”)
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Non-kinky Phoenix Wright Kink Meme fill, written for Day One of the Wright-A-Thon, and this request: ANYTHING WITH ACRO. Max, Regina, Bat, Ben/Trilo, Phoenix, someone totally unrelated, just…something involving Acro.

This is a post-Turnabout Big Top fic about Acro’s stay in prison, and the visitor who comes to see him. No warnings, apart from the fact that I haven’t written in nearly two years and may be rusty.

Acro was not a stranger to quietness. )
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I did not meet (nor come anywhere close to reaching) my 10 of each medium goal this year, but that does not mean I came out of this year unaccomplished, either. I've acquired my BA, I've moved into a great place, and I have a wonderful significant other in my life. A lot of brand-new things have entered my life this year and, for once, I'm not reacting with fear or apprehension.

After a battle with anxiety and depression in 2012 and a struggle to bury the memories in 2013, 2014 was honestly an overall good year for me.

And here's a roundup of all the things I've written this year )
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Talking about my relationship with the word “loser” and its relation to fandom extending to real life.

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Ace Attorney replay progress: finished with T&T. This is the one game of the classic trilogy I haven't replayed in full until now, because it's far and away my least favorite. I still remember the great, draining disappointment I felt when I finished it seven years ago, and consequently, as silly as it sounds, it was hard for me to ever return to it. But! I did eventually return to it, and I have some revised opinions on it.

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Ace Attorney replay progress: finished Turnabout Beginnings. Still makes me angry, still for the “wrong” reasons. The reasons being the bellowing elephant in the room that’s barely given a passing mention. CW: mentions of
statutory rape behind the cut.

I'm sorry. I told a little lie. )
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I finished re-playing Turnabout Big Top earlier today, and I still stand by my belief that it’s a case that gets better on replay, and I’ll even assert it’s one of the strongest “filler” cases in the entire series. Like many, I didn’t like it at all at first; I thought the music was annoying, the clown was annoying, and maneuvering around was a dragging hassle. Then I re-played it and ended up changing my mind; I liked it just fine. Then I re-played it again and I liked it a lot. It doesn’t rank among my favorite cases, but it’s one I appreciate a ton.

I'm nothing but a murderer. That's who I am. )
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have you ever wanted to see me ramble over mundane details as I replay the Ace Attorney games well now you can on this blog
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Ace Attorney replay progress: finished Turnabout Goodbyes last night, and I’m planning on skipping over Rise from the Ashes and going straight for Justice For All this time. I’ll explain why in a moment (by which I mean several blocks of paragraphs later).

Spoilers for this game and JFA )
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Replaying the classic Ace Attorney games in hopes of refining my writing skills, and because I miss them a lot. I just finished replaying Turnabout Sisters, so have some overanalysis of Mia, with bonus Maya.

Spoilers for the first and third game )
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  • Aura used to have to bring Simon Idolmaster CDs every month but gave up when she saw Taka made a nest in the specialized robot music player she gave him

  • Simon is that one fucker who keeps derailing Steel Samurai threads to talk about how much the show has gone downhill and how Pink Princess is continually getting better while Edgeworth argues what a loathsome piece of garbage Pink Princess is and how it has nowhere near the amount of substance Steel Samurai has (the truth is Simon hasn't seen Steel Samurai and Edgeworth hasn't seen Pink Princess)

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Wow, I really ended up liking this game.

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